Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR philosophy is rooted in our belief in building long-term mutually sustainable relationships with our stakeholders – employees, shareholders, business partners and the community – through employee development programmes, community projects and environment sustainability initiatives.

Big or small, we want to make a positive difference in society. To this end, we adopted two charity organisations as our beneficiaries – the Yellow Ribbon Project and the Singapore Red Cross – and provide support to them through donations and active participation in their various programmes.

Wong Fong Industries has been certified for ISO 14001, which covers environmental management and we have adopted these standards in our business. As part of our on-going efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment, we have taken steps to maintain a clean and healthy work environment for our staff, as well as to ensure our work processes are aligned with local and international environmental regulations. In particular, we have installed solar panels on the roof of our offices and factories and implemented a recycling programme for the group.

Our Company shall be required to disclose its corporate social responsibility policies with reference to the SGX-ST’s Guide to Sustainability Reporting for Listed Companies published on 27 June 2011. Our Board will establish a corporate social responsibility policy which will include the review of the following areas of our Group’s activities:

(a) to review and recommend our Group’s policy in respect of corporate social responsibility issues;

(b) to review our Group’s health, safety and environmental policies and standards;

(c) to review our Group’s environmental policies and standards; and

(d) to review and recommend policies and practices with regard to regulators.